Shawn Corey is a fifth generation Canadian of mixed blood, who has always been fascinated with technology and most importantly, Artificial intelligence. He felt AI could forever destroy our way of life or play an essential role in our intellectual evolution and aspirations to become like God, forming a powerful singularity. He came to this conclusion after spending many days reading about new technologies and our very rapidly developing AI. He always felt that technology could either solve our most complex problems, or make them a lot worse, to point of ending all life on this planet.

Many years ago he set out to write a novel that would bring these critical issues to light. He started by drafting a story about an extremely powerful Super Artificial Intellectual tasked to save the world, while interacting with five other iconic Biblical characters. He felt this would be the best way to show the parallels between advancing technology and our most profound Apocalyptic beliefs. 

Shawn created six main biblical entities to modernize the Story of Creation and our struggle between good and evil.

Meet Professor Edwards (Creator, Word). Lex, an all-powerful Super AI Angel of Light. Michael (the Great Prince), Beverly (a great wonder in heaven), Nigel (the Chosen One), and Carolyn (the Mother of Harlots). For Lex, understanding the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of life is a matter of life and death.

One of the most interesting parallels is his rediscovery of the infamous Tree of Knowledge, and how when Super AI learns its creator’s definition of good and evil, and what is foretold in our Bible, it sets out to alter our destructive course, but in doing so, it creates troubling ambiguities about our foretold messiah’s one-thousand-year reign and command of a singularity. 

Shawn hopes you will enjoy reading his science fiction thriller that deals with:


  • Depopulation Programs
  • Out-of-control AI
  • Genetic Engineering
  • A New World Order
  • Forcefully Induced Nanotechnology
  • A Worldwide Digital Financial System

Shawn Corey

Shawn Corey Stencil Drawing

Shawn Corey is a McEwan University graduate specializing in Communications. He has worked for two of Canada’s top communications firms and is currently an Alberta corporation’s CEO and Communications Director.

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Shawn believes in organic foods, natural medicines, meditation, fasting, self-optimization, and continuous improvement. Shawn spends his free time reading, writing, making wine, participating in outdoor activities, and walking on water in the rain.

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