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Despite being a huge lover of fantasy, sci-fi is a genre that I’ve tended to stay away from in the past. For some reason I’ve believed that sci-fi fiction would be too complex and technical for me to fully understand, that it just wasn’t for me and I’d be better off sticking to the genres that I knew and loved. Well,

K.C. Finn

The Nature Of The Beasts is a work of fiction in the science fiction, thriller, and mystery sub-genres and was penned by author Shawn Corey. The work is intended for the general adult reading audience and contains some graphic violence as well as some mild sexual situations.

Romuald Dzemo

The Nature of the Beasts by Shawn Corey is a compelling science fiction novel that will have an irresistible appeal to fans of fantasy as well. It is science fiction at its best and fans of AI will adore it. Professor Jon Edwards is worried and fascinated at the same time with the power of Lexis..

Christian Sia

The Nature of the Beasts by Shawn Corey is a fascinating techno-thriller featuring AI technology and compelling characters. Professor Jon Edwards is a genius who intends to solve the problems of humanity, and this is the reason for creating Lexis, an AI computer with incredible powers.

Susan Sewell

A supercomputer enhanced with artificial intelligence causes havoc in the life of its creator in the thrilling and suspenseful science-fiction fantasy, The Nature Of The Beasts by Shawn Corey. Since he was a child, Professor Jonathan Anthony Edwards dreamed of creating a sentient computer.

Divine Zape

The Nature of the Beasts by Shawn Corey is a diligently plotted and deftly accomplished novel that appeals to fans of epic fantasy and science fiction, a story with strong apocalyptic hints. Professor Jon Edwards believes that the A.I. computer, Lexis, will be the solution