Despite being a huge lover of fantasy, sci-fi is a genre that I’ve tended to stay away from in the past. For some reason I’ve believed that sci-fi fiction would be too complex and technical for me to fully understand, that it just wasn’t for me and I’d be better off sticking to the genres that I knew and loved. Well, what a terribly misguided view that was! While AI Beast isn’t the type of book that I would typically reach for, it’s one that I can say for certain now that I’m glad I took a chance on and gave a read, because I really struggled to put it down once I had begun. A thrilling, fast-paced blend of sci-fi, murder mystery and horror with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure, Shawn Corey has created a fascinating and compelling read that is sure to be a hit with readers of all genres.

I loved the inclusion and discussions around A.I. that Corey has delved into here, and he certainly makes some interesting points regarding the future of technology and the impact that it could have on humankind. Being somewhat of a sci-fi newbie I really appreciated the way in which these more technical aspects of the novel were handled; in no way did they feel too overwhelming or heavy-handed, and while the sci-fi themes are very much integral to the plot it never felt reliant upon them. The mystery of Lex was gripping throughout, and I could never quite decide which way I wanted the dice to fall – was this an exciting new opportunity for the progression of humankind, or something far more sinister?

I don’t want to give too much away in terms of plot, because it really is a thrill-a-minute that will have you hooked from the very first chapter. Not only is the premise so unique and different to anything I’ve read before, but all of the characters were absolutely fantastic to read about, and, by the end, you’ll certainly be sad to part ways! Extremely well written, action-packed and utterly captivating from start to finish, I’m so glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave AI Beast a try. Not only is it a thoroughly enjoyable read that will have you utterly absorbed and oblivious to the world outside, but it poses a great deal of questions within the readers mind regarding humanity, religion and our future that will have you thinking long after returning the book to its place on the shelf. Highly recommend!