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AI Beast

By Shawn Corey

Now available

Artificial intelligence could forever destroy our way of life or play an essential role in our intellectual evolution and aspirations to become like God. These critical issues come to light in this compelling allegory about an extremely powerful artificial intellectual’s part in depopulation, transhumanism agenda.

Corey’s debut novel features six main biblical entities that modernize the story of creation and the struggle between good and evil. Meet Professor Edwards (Creator, Word). Lexis, an all-powerful A I angel of light. Michael (the Great Prince), Beverly (a great wonder in heaven), Nigel (the chosen one), and Carolyn (the mother of harlots).

Subject Matter Includes:

• Depopulation programs
• Out-of-control AI
• Genetic engineering
• The new world order
• Forcefully induced nanotechnology
• The coming worldwide digital financial system

Rediscover the famous Tree of Knowledge of how knowing good from evil started the circle of life and why there are troubling ambiguities in a foretold messiah’s one-thousand-year reign and command of a singularity.

Get ready for a fascinating read with plenty of twists and turns and an ending that will blow your mind.

Buy it before the global elites take it down. 

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Despite being a huge lover of fantasy, sci-fi is a genre that I’ve tended to stay away from in the past. For some reason I’ve believed that sci-fi fiction would be too complex and technical for me to fully understand, that it just wasn’t for me and I’d be better off sticking to the genres that I knew and loved.

K.C. Finn

AI Beast is a work of fiction in the science fiction, thriller, and mystery sub-genres and was penned by author Shawn Corey. The work is intended for the general adult reading audience and contains some graphic violence as well as some mild sexual situations.

Romuald Dzemo

AI Beast by Shawn Corey is a compelling science fiction novel that will have an irresistible appeal to fans of fantasy as well.

Christian Sia

AI Beast by Shawn Corey is a fascinating techno-thriller featuring AI technology and compelling characters.

Susan Sewell

A supercomputer enhanced with artificial intelligence causes havoc in the life of its creator in the thrilling and.

Divine Zape

AI Beast by Shawn Corey is a diligently plotted and deftly accomplished novel that appeals

About Shawn

Shawn Corey is a McEwan University graduate specializing in communications. He has worked for two of Canada’s top communications firms, and he is currently the CEO and Communications Director of a biometric identification agency. 

Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Shawn believes in organic foods, natural medicines, meditation, fasting, self-optimization, and continuous improvement. Shawn spends his free time reading, writing, making wine, participating in outdoor activities, and walking on water in the rain.


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