Divine Zape

AI Beast by Shawn Corey is a diligently plotted and deftly accomplished novel that appeals to fans of epic fantasy and science fiction, a story with strong apocalyptic hints. Professor Jon Edwards believes that the A.I. computer, Lexis, will be the solution to the problems that humanity faces, and even if there is opposition from powerful entities, groups, and regulators and warnings from mediums, he can’t stop himself from actualizing his dream. The A.I. computer is activated, but its power is more than what the professor had anticipated, and the computer’s enigmatic behavior is more troubling than the changes it begins to make in people’s lives, starting with the professor and a quantum computer science student named Nigel. The computer alters their minds for a start, and there are surprising moments that await. Can Lexis be controlled, and what if this computer has a will of its own, one that can usher in Armageddon?

The plot is twisty, and the characters are exceptionally developed and multidimensional. There are strong hints of the biblical tale of the apocalypse in this story and readers will be intrigued by the roles played by different characters, starting with the professor and Lexis, Nigel, and his mother, the stunning Beverly, and many others. Shawn Corey has crafted a story that is open to multiple interpretations and doesn’t fail to entertain and engage readers. It is packed with action, emotionally engaging, and psychologically stimulating. The plot is rich and propelled forward by a phenomenal conflict, one that grows in magnitude from one gripping page to the next. The Nature of the Beasts is a hypnotic story that will keep you awake as you follow the enigmatic characters and the exceptional plot.