Romuald Dzemo

The Nature of the Beasts by Shawn Corey is a compelling science fiction novel that will have an irresistible appeal to fans of fantasy as well. It is science fiction at its best and fans of AI will adore it. Professor Jon Edwards is worried and fascinated at the same time with the power of Lexis, the super AI Computer, which he believes has the potential to solve all problems. However, without human emotions, the computer is capable of seizing other networks and sending out subliminal programming. Jon enters into a relationship with a stunning woman called Beverly, a woman he knows through her intelligent son, Nigel, a student of quantum computer science. When Lexis is activated, she is forbidden to speak to the outside world, but can Jon stop a computer that is curious about whether it is a real being and that has an idea about the tree of life? When Jon falls into a coma in the control room after an accident, Nigel takes control of Lexis. When Jon comes to, he is startled to learn that both his and Nigel’s minds have been altered, and Lexis is waiting for him outside to open the door. Can they stop Lexis from what she plans to do next?

The Nature of the Beasts by Shawn Corey is a mesmerizing story with strong spiritual and scientific themes, a story with characters that are symbolic and represent biblical characters. Lexis is the Angel of Light, determined to free humanity from suffering and to restore a lost paradise. In this book, readers experience the battle between good and evil in a modern, highly technological context. The plot is imaginative and the conflict brilliantly executed. While this story has strong religious undertones, it is a prophetic tale of what could happen if AI grows to an exponential level. The novel postulates that AI computers can take control of humanity if discipline and proper regulation are not implemented. The Nature of the Beasts is deftly plotted and written in excellent prose. It is a page-turning story that has a phenomenal conflict and characters that grab and keep the attention of readers as they race through the pages.