Reviewed by K.C. Finn

AI Beast is a work of fiction in the science fiction, thriller, and mystery sub-genres and was penned by author Shawn Corey. Our protagonist is Professor Jon Edwards, a learned figure who dreams of solving humanity’s problems with the aid of Artificial Intelligence. So when Lexis, a supercomputer with incredible potential for both terror and triumph, comes to life, Jon and those around him find themselves sucked into a dangerous web as they question reality itself. What results is a highly engrossing techno-thriller tale that is sure to keep readers turning the pages from cover to cover. Author Shawn Corey has crafted a truly fascinating work of science fiction with plenty of intrigue and poignant questions to offer readers. As someone who has reviewed a lot of works in the A.I. genre, it was exciting to see the scale of the project in this truly epic thriller work and how much deep thinking the author had done around Lexis and her incredible potential. I was also impressed by the psychological work done to the characters themselves and their relationships with Lexis, one another, and their inner selves, as this really sold the more terrifying realities of the situation. Overall, I would highly recommend AI Beast to fans of thrilling techno-mysteries, well-penned, engaging characters, and for readers of poignant Orwellian science fiction everywhere.