Shawn Corey


A self-described serial reader, Shawn Corey has absorbed a lot of biblical and mainstream prophecies, physics, and emerging technologies, and wrapped it all into one science fiction novel.

Shawn’s debut novel features six main biblical entities that modernize the story of creation and the struggle between good and evil. Meet Professor Edwards (Creator, Word). Lexis, an all-powerful A I angel of light. Michael (the Great Prince), Beverly (a great wonder in heaven), Nigel (the chosen one), and Carolyn (the mother of harlots). Rediscover the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life, and brace yourself for startling revelations, including how angels become Gods.

This novel will enlighten and inspire you to look beyond the headlines and focus on rapidly unfolding dangers such as depopulation programs, out-of-control A I, genetic engineering, a new world order, a new digital financial system, and forcefully induced nanotechnology. If the elites plan to change the world, they need to do it before the masses wake up to reality.


Shawn Corey Stencil Drawing

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