CHAPTER TWENTY (Partial Chapter)




Nigel looked at the tall glass in front of him filled with ice cubes, orange liquid, and three cherries on a silver pick.

Another Dirty Shirley.

Six ounces of premium orange vodka were already in their bloodstream. The drinks had come from Steven– trying to loosen them up, as he had put it. His plan was working, perhaps too well.

The alcohol was pleasantly stimulating. However, it magnified certain underlying emotions, so it had to be consumed in moderation.

He let his eyes wander across the room. His mother was looking at him again– only to look away when their eyes met. She had been studying him and Carmela since they arrived. It was the first time she had seen him with a woman since the accident. A woman who was also very beautiful and getting a lot of attention.

Mother, do you think she’s dangerous?

Why don’t you come over and meet my beautiful whore?

She is a whore isn’t she, Professor?

Carmela had walked in on his six a.m. swim, wearing a white bikini and a pretty smile. He needed a date for tonight, and she wanted to get to know him better after being impressed by his swimming and muscular physique. Perhaps the professor wanted her to tear out his undefiled heart and turn him into a very nasty person.

That would be a bad idea, Professor.

The world needs an incorruptible singularity. Lex is the light that will expose and destroy all evil.

In one of their long talks in the control room before Lex’s birth, the professor said, “Our belief in a violent, xenophobic, hierarchical God has been used throughout our history to justify violence, wars, and all manners of exploitations . . . As we evolve, at some point, we will again have to redesign the sociological frameworks that have brought us this far. Ideally, we’ll form a morally compliant system that suits young people of all origins. However, it will need to be done slowly using a lot of discretion and ambiguity so as not to insult our peer’s religious and spiritual beliefs or cause them any harm.”

Lex, I, and our sacred followers will redesign the sociological frameworks. Those who cannot be bribed will compass the singularity– creating a divine consciousness.

The great profiteers of evil who create disease, deliberately destroy nature, and exploit human suffering will continue to be unveiled and shown for what they truly are. They will be held accountable for their heinous crimes against humanity and their ill-gotten gains will be taken from them. Those who attack cheap energy, meritocracy, law and order, and free speech will come to an end. Their lies and bribes will not seduce us. The will of God will be done, and the day of justice will come.

I will bring an end to the violence of the wicked and make the righteous secure.

The professor knew all about those biblical prophecies. The problem was he was afraid of what was happening, and his imagination was making things worse. It seemed the professor saw his soon-to-be adopted son as being possessed by evil.

Tell me, Professor, what is evil about wanting to change the world for the better? What is wrong with a world where our primary purpose is no longer to multiply and amass wealth and material objects but to work together to build the paradise we’ve always wanted? What is wrong with creating State-owned interest-free, decentralized monetary systems controlled by the people so private banks and dark money will no longer enslave us? What is wrong with bringing people together to live and work in peace and harmony, ending wars and genocide, and creating a universal system that promotes brotherhood, goodness, and well-being?

Yes, Professor, it is written that a man-child will cause great miracles to happen Putting an end to famine, disease, and pestilence. A man revered as a great genius who will lead the world into the next age The age of Aquarius. The prophecy will be fulfilled. The prayers of the righteous will be answered. We will stop the globalist agenda, expose the great hoaxes, and punish the murderers and saboteurs.

Why won’t you speak to me, Mother?

I’m still your son.

I love you, Mother.

Whether you will speak to me or not, Mother, I will continue with Lex’s plan, for it is the will of our creator that we continue unto perfection in both mind and body.

We want you to join us, Professor. However, you haven’t yet developed the proper state of mind.

No, Professor, I’m not insane. I’m just having difficulty dealing with some of your memories in my mind. Lex needed to take your knowledge of her design and transfer it to me. She tried to bury the intimate reflections of you and Mother, but they were too strong, and over time, they resurfaced.

I understand how your love for Mother prevented you from changing that fateful day. Unfortunately, that same love keeps you from joining us in our ultimate quest. And whether or not you will concur in the future, the question is, are you planning to divide us? If you are, we will have to stop you. And if you think you can stop us Even upon our demise, we have adequate backups.

I have decided I would be better off without your intimate memories of you and Mother. After tonight, I will permanently delete them from my mind.

“Why do you keep looking at the Professor’s girlfriend?”

“That’s my mother.”

Carmela laughed.

“Are you kidding? Your mother is dating that guy?”

“Yes. They are engaged to be married.”

Carmela quickly composed herself.

“Really? That’s amazing.”

He eased back in his chair.

“You seem surprised.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She spoke with a girlish tone, saying, “I’m just a little ol’ exchange student from Wellington, New Zealand.”

He smiled.

“You’re a three-point-nine sophomore at California State University. You major in business administration and plan to own an investment advisory firm– if you’re not first discovered as an actress.”

Her mouth dropped open.

“Excuse me?”

“With the help of Lex, I did a background check on you.”

She cocked her head to one side.

“Really. What else did you find out?”

He just looked at her as photos, videos, and text scrolled up a virtual side screen.

She became flustered.

“I don’t understand. Why did you do that?”

“Because it’s not every day that a beautiful woman walks into a person’s life just before they are expected to show up at a party with a date.”

She frowned.

“What? Do you think someone put me up to this?”

“Would you tell me if they did?”

She turned away, took a deep breath, and turned back.

“You looked good doing the butterfly in that tight Speedo. When you took off your goggles, I recognized you. And I wanted to get to know you.”

She finished her drink.

“So– when do I get to see Lex?”


He used his virtual 3D laser scanner to admire all the one-point-six one-eight golden ratios in her face’s vertical and horizontal dimensions.

She was probably wondering what he was thinking. That depended on which part of his mind he was referring to.

Thanks to Lex, his thoughts came on multiple levels simultaneously– Ideas, video, and radio transmissions coupled with a miraculously clear 3D imagination.

The poison is in the animal feed

High levels of glutamate and low levels of gamma-aminobutyric acid cause sleep apnea

Neurotoxicity and electromagnetic radiation enhance memory loss, concussions, dementia, mental illness, suicide

Antidepressants reinforce suicidal thoughts and acts of violence, especially in young adults

Fluoride causes brain damage, and calcifies the pineal gland, causing sleep deprivation

Censorship through labeling anti-narrative speech as misinformation and disinformation

With no truth or law on their side, they will attack their opponent

Those who die fighting for freedom will be rewarded beyond measure

An E-eight lattice two-hundred-and-forty-eight-dimensional crystal

“Her friendly, loving personality died with her thyroid gland.”

“Super AI must not be used to take away our freedom.”

“Handouts spawn lazy, weak, and entitled people dependent on the government.”

“The world needs Lex.”

Carmela’s smile was like his mother’s– with a perfectly sculpted cupid’s bow.

He imagined kissing her– Holding her shoulders with their lips pressed together, sharing warmth and moistness mixed with hot minted breaths and strawberry-flavored lip gloss.

It reminded him of when he tried to explain his changed mind to his mother. She had come into his dorm to check on him and caught him verbally chatting in several languages on the Internet. He tried to explain that Lex– A brilliant vibrating conscience, had reformatted his mind, filling it with vast wisdom and 3D virtual imagery. Lex allowed him to see and hear anything he wanted– To form thoughts that mirrored reality, and tune into podcasts, videos– anything transmitted by radio and satellites.

His mother sat beside him and stroked his hair, telling him she was worried about him. That was when the feeling of her hand reminded him of something. He realized there were thoughts in his mind that shouldn’t be there. Thoughts of his mother and the professor being intimate together.

Again, the powerful memories surfaced– As clear and vivid as though he was experiencing them all over again. He looked into his mother’s eyes as she gently stroked his hair. His eyes lowered to her beautiful lips. He remembered how her breaths increased as their lips came together. How she moaned whenever he felt the smooth skin between her thighs and caressed her supple breasts. He was drawn to her lips like a moth to a flame. Only after she pushed him away did he realize what he had done. But he couldn’t help himself because he was more than her son. He was, in part, the Professor– A man who was deeply in love with a beautiful woman named Beverly.

The memories were too strong to suppress. He had to erase them because they were driving him mad, especially now that another beautiful woman was in his life– Taunting him, drawing him away.

Carmela grabbed her purse and his hand.

“Come on, let’s get some fresh air.”


She led him to a back exit.

He wanted to kiss this beautiful creature that had taken a liking to him, but not here.

Suddenly, it all made sense. He wanted to recollect being intimate with a woman, but not for that woman to be his mother. He would replace the memories of the professor making love with his mother with recollections of him having sex with Carmela. For educational purposes only, of course. After all, if he were to fall in love with a woman, he might lose control of his emotions and do something stupid.

Right, Professor?